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To check for details of your Freeview Availability by Postcode, check out this great resource: Here

Digital switchover Information

From 2012, the whole of the UK Television broadcasting will become Digital. This process is called 'The Digital Switchover' and will happen region by region, however, most of the country can already receive the digital TV signal. With Freeview already available throughout the most of the UK, you could have access to a whole new variety of television entertainment and interactive channels, from comedy and drama, to news and music, the majority of which are free!

With access to approximately 50 TV and radio channels, offering superior sound and picture quality, why wait until 2012 when you can benefit from freeview digital entertainment now!

How do I switch to Digital

There is no need to replace your current television as there are several options already available to receive the Freeview Digital TV service. One of the more common methods is the installation of a new Digital TV Aerial at your property, and the addition of a digital receiver box to receive the signal.

Free forever after initial setup

With Freeview TV, there is no monthly subscription required to receive and enjoy the service, although there are a number or additional channels available via Top Up TV, or pay to view TV channels. If you wish to receive these premium channels, you will require a digital receiver with CAM card access.

Freeview Freesat

Can I recieve Freeview

Although you can check if you receive Freeview Digital TV online using the official digital tv postcode checking system, this is not always accurate, as it is based upon general area signal strengths. If the online Digital TV postcode checker advises that you are currently unable to receive the fantastic entertainment channels on offer, do not despair!

Aerial and Satellite solutions specialises in providing suitable solutions to meet your home entertainment needs! Using specialist equipment and having many years of experience in quality installations throughout the UK, you may still be able to receive Freeview, or an alternative Digital TV system.

Freeview+, similar to both Sky+ and the new BBC Freesat PVR, provides any consumer the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward their favourite television shows, live! Furthermore, a Freeview+ digital receiver can record your favourite tv shows whilst you are not home, at work or away, ensuring you never miss a show again! You can even set your Freeview+ receiver to record an entire series of your favourite programmes by the press of a button!

Freeview+ like the majority of the other Freeview services requires no monthly charge or subscription, and is providing completely free of charge providing you have a Freeview+ digital receiver. You may also require the installation of a digital tv aerial, or a second live channel feed, depending on your system and requirements

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  Special Discount

DiscountA 10 Percent discount on works, not parts, can be obtained on the completion of any works by quoting the keywords "Communication must go on" to the engineers before commencement of any works.

This is partially due to our pursuit of cheap communications on the planet and also due to the credit crunch at the same time the digital changeover is planned.

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